"Discover the 2023/2024 Beverage Trend: F&B Owners, Upgrade Your Menu with Classic Coconut Base!"

Don’t worry we got you covered! We at Golden Choice will always up to date for latest trending menu.
So, what’s we have here is the #coconutmilk Classic Coconut Base drink. What so special about this product?

Why coconut ?
Coconut nowadays can easily be mix and max to create a new menu. It helps most business owners to gain more popularity and boost their sales by following the up-trending beverages. People loves to try new products that looks taste and attractive. So, its time for you “LEVEL UP” your business by using the same method.

What is the benefits of this product for your customer?

1. Rich Coconut Flavor 
Classic Coconut Base is beloved for its intense coconut taste. It is thicker and has a more indulgent texture compared to regular coconut milk.

2. Multi-use 
It can be used to create drinks, desserts like ice cream, puddings, smoothies, and also in cooking savory dishes like curries and stews, especially in Asian cuisine.

3. Specially crafted for coffee and tea 
Can be use for various type of drinks. Adds a unique flavor to your coffee and tea.

4. New Trendy Flavor for 2023/2024 
Coconut milk base allows you to adapt your menu to seasonal trends easily. Whether it's featuring coconut milk-based pumpkin spice lattes in the fall or refreshing coconut milk ice creams in the summer, you can stay relevant and maximize profits throughout the year.

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08 Nov 2023